Mary Did You Know (New Lyrics)

This song is not new to us. We’ve all heard it even if we’ve not sung it. Ever since I first heard this song back in 2000 or 2001, it has gone on to become one of my favourite Christmas songs. In October 2016, my Professor, George Zachariah, had asked me compose new lyrics for this song. At first I thought I would evade the request knowing that this would be no easy task. But later (just few minutes after the first thought had occurred) I thought I would give it a try. And so I did. The new lyric is based on a quote by a 14th century German monk, mystic and a theologian, Meister Eckhart who said, “We are all meant to be mothers of God. God is always needing to be born.”

Mary was a REVOLUTIONARY and the new lyric will tell you why.

Mary did you know

What your world would say

If you say “Yes” to your God?

Mary did you know

What they’ll make of you

If you hold on to God’s word?

Did you know you’ll be scorned and mocked for offerin’ up your womb?

And yet you walked that road of pain, doubt and fear


Through me will come a man

Who will bring to all

Peace, goodwill and justice

He will shame the proud

Proclaim liberty, break all chains made by men

Did you know that I made this choice so change could be at hand?  

And here’s my song to sing now

A song of praise to God

Can you hear my song?


My soul will sing, my spirit rejoices

In God who is my saviour  

       He lifts the lowly, He fills the hungry

He shall do great things


We are called to be mothers of God

For God’s in need of being born

We are called to be mothers of God

To witness a new heav’n and earth

Would we do, do what Mary did with courage, hope and faith?

Let Christ the Son of God be born in our lives now


To have a deeper understanding of the purpose behind writing this new lyric, do click on the link below. The link will take you to the sermon text (Magnificant: A Call to Become Mothers of God) preached by George Zachariah at the United Theological College, Bangalore.

To watch a video of the new lyrics being sung (practice session), click on the link below.

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