Let Love Be Love

Love is patient, love is kind, and yes love can assume many other virtues, but what is love if it is not honoured. To dishonour such love is put oneself at risk, one’s reputation at stake. Some do it out of ignorance and the rest out of sheer pride. One can or even force another to hide it, subdue it, ignore it, betray it, abuse it, and kill it. But love being love will conquer; just give it some time. And in that doing love would even conquer the one that thought knew what love was all along. Some plan and decide whom to love; some choose not to love at all; some allow others to decide whom they should love; and for the rest, in their hour of waiting, love just happens, they just happen to fall in love. Let love be love.

Love can never be confined to (hu)man-made boundaries. Like the Spirit it blows wherever it so pleases – no one can control, question, or argue with it. We must all just let it work its magic within us. We must open and expose ourselves to it. Love, like the waters, is gentle and wild – we can’t change its course but we can let it change ours. We can take a deep look at it and walk past it, or get our feet wet and not embrace it, or we can dive in and have it assume all our being. How right was the French philosopher Blaise Pascal when he said, “Love has reasons which reason cannot understand.” Let love be love.

At some stage, we have all or eventually will come across those who work(ed) endlessly and unethically to prevent someone from treading on a certain path. Yes, there are those who have definitely “tasted more salt,” but are all taste buds the same? To think one can control the destiny of another or the willpower of another is inane, not just inane but authoritarian. Today, there are many who are bold enough to use their God-given conscience to thwart the plans of those who think control the destiny of love, those whose consciences are conditioned by their cultural and regional ‘bondages,’ those who are unable to free themselves from the prison of the mind. Love can be love only in the context of freedom, not when it is caged. Loving someone different to us is not wrong, preventing it from happening is. Let love be love.

Love in itself is pure. To take something divine and turn it into something diabolic is nothing but an erosion of ethics. Let us not corrupt, poison, or demonize it. Someone once sang, “Love can make a wise man look like a fool,” but to me it just doesn’t matter because I know the ‘foolish’ will someday shame the ‘wise’ and the ‘weak’ will someday tame the ‘strong.’ It is biblical and theological. You and I don’t define love, love defines us. I guess that is the power of love – it knows (everything about) fear and yet knows no fear. Let love be love.

P.S. Written keeping in the mind the context of inter-cultural, inter-caste, inter-racial, and inter-religious relationships.

[Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay]

11 thoughts on “Let Love Be Love

  1. Beautiful description of ‘Love’ thumbs.l never knew that the writer was bringing forth a three-fold meaning of Love. Sorry for the interruption when this beautiful writing was in its conception. Simply amazing….. The caption is awesome.


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