What Readers Have to Say

Arvind’s texts invites us to interrupt common ways of thinking and to re-think well known and maybe usual stereotypes you use to have behind the back door of your brain. The refreshing thing about his writings is that his way of thinking is rooted deeply in his belief in our just God. Arvind believes and writes in a non-judgy way. His thoughts spread a spirit of hospitality which invites us to check-in into new perspectives. I like this way of being invited to new perspectives, and I am looking forward to further writings.

Aleena Toplak

In a world infested by individualistic motives, humanity has always been the heart of Arvind’s writings. As an ardent reader, I understand your writings to be justice-oriented. And in being so, it is amazing how you help me see myself as “the one who oppresses” at times, thus make me understand how I must change. At the same time, you help me see myself as the “victim” in so many ways, so I never forget how I must continue to fight for myself and for humanity. I have always been blessed by your work, and I look forward to more inspiring reflections. Keep writing.

Medowelu Jen Wezah

Arvind in his writing is very expressive of a God who is Just and all-Loving. He tries to incorporate a perspective of inclusivity throughout his writing. His posts on the blog have been radical and always has something new to learn from that could enrich personal and corporate spirituality. Knowing him as a contemporary only adds advantage to my reading of his articles. To me personally it feels like a brother speaking with thoughts well-inclined toward a hermeneutics of liberation, something that interests me as well.

Vinod Shemron

Fresh insights and perspectives from biblical texts is only possible when we starting reading between the lines. Arvind Theodore does this excellently.

Samuel Ragland