Music, Interdependence, and the Entangled Self

Music, just like the world made up of interconnected organisms, is deeply relational: it mysteriously connects us with people—young and old, earthbound and departed, intimate and distanced, gained and lost­—leaving us wanting more of a presence that cannot be grasped nor controlled.

Stop! Don’t Force Pregnancy With Your Questions

A woman doesn’t need to get pregnant so that her parents and in-laws can become grandparents. She doesn’t need to get pregnant so that her siblings and the siblings of her spouse can become uncles and aunts. She doesn’t need to become pregnant so that her husband can become a father. And certainly, she doesn’t need to become pregnant to shut the mouths of a few pain-in-the-wrong-place-relatives-and-friends. She and her spouse aren’t obligated to make babies to satisfy others. Remember we, as outsiders, are only called to “share” in their happiness, not “own” it.

Let Love Be Love

Love can never be confined to (hu)man-made boundaries. Like the Spirit it blows wherever it so pleases. No one can control it, no one can argue with it, and no one can question it. We must all just let it work its magic within us. We must open and expose ourselves to it. Love, like the waters, is gentle and yet wild. We can’t change its course but we can let it change ours.