• Co-contributor to the book “Stringed Praise” in 2011
  • Reviewed the book “Disruptive Faith, Inclusive Communities: Church and Homophobia,” at a Book Reading event, November 2015
  • Presented a paper on “Theological and Ethical Reflections on Human Sexuality,” in NCCI ESHA Pre-Assembly, April 2016
  • Article titled, “Redemptive Masculinities: Building Affirmative Communities,” in Masihi Sevak, December 2015
  • Article titled, “The ‘Pride’ Journey – Where Sexuality and Spirituality Meet,” in People’s Reporter, December 2016
  • Presented a paper on “The Church and Our Dream: Youth Perspective,” in Church Reformed: Always Reforming, a consultation organised by CISRS, UELCI and ECC, April 2017
  • Articled titled, “Queer Ethics,” in A Theological Reader on Human Sexuality and Gender Diversities, August 2017
  • Article titled, “Unmasking Masculinity in the Context of Rape: Moving from Hegemony to Inclusivity,” in Bangalore Theological Forum, December 2017